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Moscato d'Asti
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Grape-variety: Moscato bianco 100%
Yield in wine: 75%
Average yield: 65 hl per hectare

Growing location: the vineyards are located on hilly slopes in the villages of SerraIunga d'Alba and Santo Stefano Belbo.

Vineyard features: old, well-exposed vines which provide early-ripening grapes.

Wine-making process: soft pressing of whole grapes, fining and filtration of the must prior to the fermentation in pressure tanks at a low temperature.

Tasting characteristics: the fragrance of its aroma, which comes direct from the grapes, imbues this wine with an intense nose of musk, black locust and orange flowers, sage and honey, and the lingering of its carefree flavour brings out the brightest of spirits. The warm arid light that the sun has shed on the vineyards is reproduced in the glass, where this clear, straw-yellow wine has a pleasantly sweet taste that is very well-balanced and features honey and just-picked grapes.

Alcohol content: 5% Vol.

Pairings: this is a wine for celebrations, and is ideal with all desserts. A very appealing drink on its own, it is the ideal wine to be served with many kinds of sweet, particularly when they have a fine, delicate flavour.

Serving temperature: 10° C
Bottle size: Lt. 0.75

Moscato d'Asti

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